Crude protein : >20%
Crude fiber : <12%
Crude fat <2%
Crude ash<4%
The product is yellow powder. There are no fermentation and mildew phenomena in the products. There is no caking and peculiar smell of our product.
DDGS is the high protein feed produced from the corn and other cereal plant in their process of producing the alcohol. They are produced through distilling, vaporizing, drying after fermentation of the animalcule.
The DDGS is the fittest raw material component of the feed which can be used as the daily cattle’s protein feed.
Especially, the dry corn alcohol grains are rich in crude fat. There will be a great benefit to match with other feed cooperated feeding which is lack of fat.
Not only does the feed contain abundant protein, but also contains abundant amino acid, citrine and diversiform minerals which are benefit to the growth of the animals. It fits to feed fowl, critter, aquatic products and special animals.

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