Uruguay Meat and Bone Meal


 Meat and bone meal is made of meat scraps which are not edible. It is through high- temperature sterilization and dry grinding. Meat and Bone meal is a mixture of crushed and coarsely ground bones and meat that is used on animal feed. As a slow-release fertilizer, bone meal is primary used as a source of phosphorus. Its saves the use of more expensive proteins like Soya bean meal and Corn by-products (gluten meal), As a result of its high level of essential amino acids of good digestibility the compound feed containing it, has a higher yielding and is cheaper than the ones deprived of it. It decreases the use of minerals rich in calcium and phosphorus (calcium carbonates and phosphates)
Key indicators:
Crude protein :>43.6%-45%
Phosphor >3.5%
Calcium >7.5%

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